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Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Activated Carbon

Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Activated Carbon

Granular activated carbon (GAC) is commonly utilized in for the removal of natural constituents and residual disinfectants in water supplies to improves the style and minimizing health hazards;It protects different water remedy parts such as RO membranes and ion exchange resins from attainable natural fouling and damages . Because of its multi useful nature . Activated carbon is a favored water remedy approach and the truth that it adds nothing detrimental to the handled water.

Most activated carbons are made from raw materials resembling nutshells, coal , wood and petroleum.
The 2 primary principal by which activated carbon removes contaminants from water are adsorption and catalytic reduction. Organics wastes are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants are removed by catalytic reduction.
Factors affecting the performance of activated carbon are:

pH:The organic removal activity decreases with the rise in pH. Most organics compounds are less soluble and more readily adsorbed at a decrease pH. . A thumb rule is to extend the carbon bed measurement by 20 p.c for every pH unit above neutral .
Molecular weight:The adsorbing property of activated carbon will increase with the rise in its molecular weight .. Nevertheless, the pores sizes on the surface of the carbon must be giant sufficient to permit the molecules to move within. A mix of low and high molecular weight molecules needs to be designed and used species troublesome to removed..
Contaminant concentration:
Higher the contaminant concentration, the better is the removal capability of activated carbon water purifier carbon. The contaminant is more likely to be adsorbed. As concentrations enhance, nonetheless, so do effluent leakages. The higher restrict for contaminants is a few hundred PPM . Higher contaminant focus might require further contact time with the activated carbon. Additionally, the natural removal is enhanced by the presence of hardness in the water, so at any time when potential, it's good to put activated carbon models upstream of the ion removal models
Particle measurement:
Activated carbon commonly available sizes are in 20 /50 mesh ,12 / 40 mesh and 8 / 30 mesh . The finer mesh gives the very best contact and higher removal.
viscosity decreases with the rise in temperature , thereby increasing adsorption rate.
Movement rate:
Generally, the lower the stream rate, the more time the contaminant will get diffuse into the pore and be adsorbed.
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