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Dong Xuyen Industrial Park

Area: 160.8 hectares, total developed area is 104.3 hectares.

Location: Ward 10, Vung Tau City. It is along National Road #51, 125 kilometers from HCMC, 7 kilometers from Vung Tau center via inland and 50 sea miles via water way.

Functions: oil and gas industry, marine service industry, integrated clean industry. 

Investment capital: VND241.922 billion

Power supplier: Ba Ria Power Plant

Water system: Capacity: 13,000 cubic meters/ day by Water Supply Company of Ba Ria Vung Tau.

Water Waste Treatment System: Water Waste is treated separately in each factory then moved to treatment center of the park with capacity of 10.000 cubic meters per day. Rain drainage system is split from wastewater.

Fire fighting system: There is a fire-fighting center for the park, while each factory has its own specialized system.

Waste treatment system: There is a solid waste ground before moving it to Waste Treatment Factory in Ba Ria.

Preferential investment projects: Sea food services, oil and gas service, ship building and repairing, oil and gas equipment and facility repairing, mechanical industry, non harmful industry.

Land renting charge: $1.5 /square meter/year

Currently Dong Xuyen Industrial Park has 21 licensed projects with registered capital of $39,927,641.

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