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Ba Thien industrial park

1. Location: Thien Ke and Ba Hien Commune, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province.
2. Present condition:

Total planned area of the industrial park is 227 ha. Land acquisition, site clearance, leveling and 40% of infrastructure investment volume are completed.

3. Project goals and scale:

Project goals: Integrated industrial park construction to attract investments.

Scale: Planned area of 227 ha

4. Total estimated capital: 2,000 bil Dong (US $100mil).
5. Authorized State Agencies: Industrial Zones Management Board.
6. Status: calling for investment (completing phase)
7. Progress:

Finished land acquisition and site clearance, leveling and 40% volumes of infrastructure using Vinh Phuc Provincial budget.

8. Forms of investment: BT, Joint venture or 100% private capital.
9. Preferred policies:

a. Land rents: free land rents during construction time; free land rents for 11 years since construction is completed.

- Land unit price: 0.75% (lowest ratio) x land price.

- Land rent is maintained unchanged for 05 (five) years.

b. Tax policies:

Individual income tax: Vietnamese and foreigners working for the Project have their individual income tax reduced by 50%.

Investors enjoy incentive policies in Law on import tax and export tax for imported goods using in construction.

c.  Provincial policies:

- For infrastructure investment in provincial area, during the operation of the project, the investors enjoy the following support:

- Support 100% fees: forming environmental impact assessment report of the infrastructure in the industrial park; forming plan scale 1/500 of the industrial park, mine detection and disposal inside the industrial park.

- Support on technical items inside the border: centralized waste collecting and treatment system, under regulated Standards, the specific support bases on area scale.

10. Provincial Commitment:

- Handover clear site to Investors;

- Water, electric, and communication supply, building technical infrastructure to the border of the Project;

- Help the Project to recruit qualified employees, procedures processing by one stop service mechanism;

- Highest priority to support investors during the implementation of the project.

11.  Implementation process:

Investors submit Project Proposal Documentation to provincial authorized agencies for inspection and approval; prepare investment documents (includes environmental impact assessment report); Vinh Phuc Provincial People’s Committee shall issue Certificate of Investment; then the Government shall compensate, acquire land and hand over the investors with clear site; after that the investors sign land rent contract and receive certificate of land use rights; then the investors can start the Project.

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